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  "Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES are needles of global standards" says our client in USA

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 Our products include suture needles, eyeless surgical needles, drilled end,rolled end surgical needles, suture needle of any type as per customer specifications.

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We are reputed manufacturers of suture needles, surgical needles, eyeless, drilled end needles,rolled end needles.


Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES is a company supplying surgical needles of International standards. This was started to keep in phase with the demand for surgical needle abroad. Surgical needles are in great demand world over. We provide good quality needles with raw materials from different regions of the world. Due to the availability of good manpower we are able to produce good quality material at nominal costs.

All our senior engineers have years of experience in the field of needle manufacturing.

We have grown to this state due to the well wishes of our happy and satisfied buyers who are spread all over the world. We depend on our buyers to take our product world over. From Africa to Europe, east to the west we have good buyers who believe on our quality and commitment.

Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES mainly emphasis on commitment and good engineering practice. This has enabled us not only to maintain high QUALITY of all our products but also make our products available at very competitive prices.

Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES is always on the look out to have association with companies who have similar interests and are willing to co-operate with us in having a long and successful business relationship and we welcome all queries regarding the same. Mail us at :

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