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  "Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES are needles of global standards" says our client in USA

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 Our products include suture needles, eyeless surgical needles, drilled end,rolled end surgical needles, suture needle of any type as per customer specifications.

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We are reputed manufacturers of suture needles, surgical needles, eyeless, drilled end needles,rolled end needles.

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Qirui Medical Supplies CO., LTD, located in China, is one of the manufactures, suppliers and exporters of high quality Rolled, Drilled end suture needles in the world. The industry aims at producing high quality surgical needles at an affordable price. The industry gives importance to good engineering practice and strict quality control which helps in maintaining both the quality and the competitive price of it's products. Skilled, experienced and dedicated team of workers is the key to success.

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Qirui drilled end suture needles and rolled end suture needles are made from high quality stainless steel that are of international standards. High quality stainless is procured from leading surgical grade wire manufactures, so that the manufactured products meet international standards. We manufacture Surgical needles of all sizes, both standard and special sizes in round bodied, cutting, reverse cutting, blunt and tapercut points and as straight suture needles, ½ circle, 3/8 circle suture needles.

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